Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dahlias for sale- updated October 2014

Gonzo Grape

2015 Dahlia List:

Shipping cost- flat rate boxes -All root divisions are $4.50 each

Medium Decorative Burgundy- limited #
Left to Rt., Mystique, Peach Pompon, Medium Purple
Breakout -


Burgundy -
Glory de Noordwijk
Babylon Bronze - not quite this deep in real life 
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Glory de Noordwijk
Midnight Moon
  • Dahlia shipping season is March - April. Those farther south of NC, may receive shipping in February. 

  • These are clumps of dahlia roots containing at least one eye, we aim for at least 2 when dividing to insure your success.

  • Store in a cool dry spot until spring planting. 

  • Mail Order tubers will be shipped March- April.  You will be charged at the time of shipment. Or you may send a check now to reserve tubers.
  •  $4.50 per tuber plus shipping based on flat rate boxes - USPS
  • The current rate is 1-8 dahlias ship for $12.35
  • 9-12 dahlias ship for $16.85   ( we can ship multiple boxes) or price a larger FedEx shipment for you.
  • Local orders, please call for a pickup or delivery to the market in early May
  • divided tubers

1 Midnight Moon division
slightly smaller Orange Sherbet tubers 

tubers before division

1 Mystique tuber division

Place and order now.
Phone #828-297-4098

hot pink medium decorative (some will bloom single) 
Orange Sherbet - small dinner plate

Dahlia list:

  • Orange Sherbet
  • Midnight Moon- pastel lavender blush on white
  • Lucky Number- lilac large
  • Mystique- salmon
  • Babylon Bronze - orange
  • Breakout- cream with red streaks small dinner plate, a bit of yellow in the center
  • Glory de Noordwijk - bronze - gold- peach medium decorative- easy
  • Lilac Time large lilac fast grower
  • Peach Pompon - small- our selection from seedlings
  • Clouded - white to palest of lavender
  • Medium purple Decorative - hints of pink
  • Medium Burgundy decorative limited #
  • Bright Hot Pink decorative
  • Gonzo Grape decorative- deep purple- limited numbers#
  • Vancouver - limited
  • Black Wizard

Midnight Moon
Medium Purple decorative
Mystique and Glory de Noordwijk
Clouded - hint of lavender
Vancouver and burgundy dahlia
Lilac Time
Medium purple
Bright Hot Pink- 
Lilac Time

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flower Workshop for Jennelle September

I had a great time helping the Vasquesa family arrange the personal flowers for Jennelle's wedding.
Thanks so much!
Mom and sisters with their finished product

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall 2014 Perennial and Shrub list with prices

FALL 2014- For Cut flowers -All licensed or patented plants include the proper tags   -Photos below

Bare-root and seed:
Alstromeria ‘Laura’ yellow/gold (Sweet Laura) 30” spreading plant will require netting, gal. 
       Size BR clump    - please order 5                                                                                           $5
Giant Solomons Seal - berries (seed) by the 1/2 cup                                                                       $6  
North Sea Oats/ River Oats -seed 1 pint ziplock bag                                                                      $6                      

Phlox ‘David’ white mildew resistant- fist size                                                         $4
Phlox ‘Pink’ late for a phlox - fist size will fill a 1 gallon pot- please order at least 5 $4
Paeonia ‘Bartzella’ (Intersectional) Itoh type peony 36” own root earlier than herbaceous peonies $32 each
Peony Maxima Festiva                 (4)                                                              @   $ 14 

Potted Perennials and Shrubs:
Alstroemeria ‘Inca Ice’ pale pink-peach  2qt  pots,                                                   $9  
Lilac Redwine, late bloom non-suckering 2gal    (1)                                               $22 S.O.
Hydrangea Pee Gee(1) 2gal, (1) 3gal                                                                     $20 S.O.
Snowberry -Symphoricarpus alba 2gal. white                                                         $16
Snowberry  Symphoricarpus‘Amethyst’ Proven Winner with tag                              $20 S.O.
Red Currant 2gal pot $16 S.O.
Black Currant 2gal                                                                                               $15

Potted Perennials and Shrubs:
Panicum ‘ Heavy Metal’ 1gal, great for fill late summer, easy                                              $7
Agastache ‘ Astello Indigo Hybrid‘  20” tall, hardy to zone 6 blue fragrant blooms, minty    $7 S.O.
Amsonia tabernamontana =Blue Star spring blooming milkweed 36”  gal pots                     $9
Carolina Allspice medium shrub -long bloom period, 2gal                                              $15
Hydrangea ‘Pink Diamond’ (1) 2gal plant, blooming size                  $15
Hydrangea q. 'Snow Queen'   2gal pot                                                 $10         
Malus Crabapple seedlings from a red fruited tree 1gal+ 3 years old     $10
Malus Crabapple seedling from purple fruited tree                                $7
Malus Crabapple seedlings form yellow fruited tree qt size                     $5
Ilex verticillata ‘Berry Nice’ female winterberry holly       1 gal  $9, 2gal $15
Ilex verticillata ‘Jim Dandy’ male for above female 3 yrs old 2 gal (1)         $20
Ilex verticillata ‘Southern Gentlemen’ male 3 yrs old (2)                           $20
Linaria 'CannonWent' soft pink snapdragon mini-like gal. pot                   $ 6 
Lupine Red Russell Hybrid 1 gal pots 10 months old ready to bloom in the spring $7
Achillea Terra Cotta, taller and later than others $6
Achillea Sunny Seduction light yellow gal $7
Achillea Strawberry Seduction -red      gal $7 S.O.
Achillea 'The Pearl' white nice sub for Baby's Breath 2 qt. pots                 $6
Amsonia Blue Star early blooming milkweed 3’ sky blue flowers gal. $9
Heliopsis ‘Ballerina’ great perennial sunflower gal $7
Thalictrum delavayi rose-purple blooms 3-4'ht. 2Qt pots = Meadow Rue   $7 S.O.
Thalictrum White delavayi 'album' 100cm ht. Z5-8 gal pots                      $7        

Potted Perennials and Shrubs:

Clethra ‘Hummingbird’ dwarf shrub, Summer Sweet, fragrant, white, use buds, blooms, pods spreading to 4’ wide 2gal   $20

Clethra ‘Vanilla Spice’ taller more upright with slightly larger bloom, August, shade or p. Shade   $22

Salvia ‘Caradonna’ Best blue Salvia for spring cutting $6 new lower price 2 year plants in 2qt pots

Carolina Jasmine -extra hardy variety 2qt pots         $8
Hypericum Jacqueline (red fruit) 2.5gal pot            $25 (3 years old)
Hypericum Desire (peach fruit) (1) 1gal +               $10 1 year old SO
Rose Scented Geranium full 1 gal size (3) these are not hardy below Zone 7.  $9
Succulents- see photos below priced $4-7 some hardy, some not winter hardy. 'Blue Ice' is Hardy.

Hard Goods for sale:
Like new Earthway Seeder with plates used only a couple of times (we decided to grow plugs) $75
One small heatmat never used, will hold one 10x20" seed flat, does not require a thermostat   $10
Larger pots: 3 gallon, 2.5 gal. squat - mixed manufactures  .80each or 5/4.00   50+ available
Light weight plastic working gro-light in a stand, holds alittle more than 1 flat. I use the top for seed germination as well. $25 - can send a photo
Collection of tree bands ~50 of various sizes, none extra big. They work for dahlia sprouting too. $28

Any of the above items can be delivered to the  ASCFG Meeting in Wilmington.

We will have a number of dahlias available for shipping March - early April weather permitting

Check our blog this winter for varieties and photos of the Dahlias

Contact to order:
Phone: 828-297-4098

Susan Wright - Shady Grove Gardens & Nursery

blue green in the middle fairly small not hardy $4 pots 2-3"
green hardy usually a bit of red
Blue Ice Hardy large and small available $2-7
small variety always a bit red
Sedum Angelique Hardy groundcover $5-7 pots

Linaria Cannon Went
Northern Sea Oats

Achillea 'The Pearl'
Hypericum Jacqueline


For photos  and more: