Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Holiday Outdoor Planter Renewel - How to

Here are step by step instructions and how to update your outdoor planters/urns for the Holiday Season. Below you will see the bundles we sell. You can also use any of your own materials. These are all locally grown by Shady Grove Gardens. Look for us at all the Saturday November Markets at Horn in the West Park, Boone, NC.
Finished Urn
Bundles - hard to see the evergreens
Bundles of ingredients
Pine with cedar, boxwood and grass seedheads
Grass, thistle, Sorghum, Eucalyptus, grains
Eucalyptus, Amaranthus, pepper stems with Millet
4-5 stems of lacy Hydrangea
Red or Orange Winterberry Holly
1st clean out all the old dead annuals from your planter and loosen the soil
Add white pine stems, cutting to make a few more to drape over the edge
Add grass seedheads to mark the finished height
Place Hydrangea stems a bit lower throughout

Next add the cedar stems near the base to make it fuller
Place Eucalyptus stems in clusters so they show up as another texture
place Millet or grain as an accent on one side
Winterberry Holly is now tucked into 1-2 places, clustering as the feature
Larger winterberry stem should go near the middle and be close to the tallest item
add and sorghum as another spiky/ airy element
 amaranth adds another spiky element
 Cluster peppers together in 1-3 places in the planter

 peppers are one of the shorter items
 peppers placed in clusters for effect
Add thistle as one of the taller elements, as tall as the grasses if possible
 Finish by tucking in Boxwood in any holes in your design

 Finished urn- planter with the Bundle elements shown above using orange winterberry
Change to red Winterberry and peppers for Christmas