Friday, July 18, 2014

Flower Farm Open House - Shady Grove Gardens -Come see where your flowers are grown!

August 31st is Open House at Shady Grove Gardens-

Sunday:  3-6 PM   Labor Day Sunday

@ 2278 Peak Road, Creston NC (Ashe County)

Directions: Shady Grove Gardens at the 'Peak': 2278 West Peak Road, Creston, NC

  From Boone drive north on Hwy. 421 to TN line in Trade TN,
turn Rt. on Hwy. 67/88 ~½ mi inside TN. Hwy. 66 becomes Hwy. 88 as it turns back into NC, after ~ 7mi turn RT onto West Peak Rd., 
3 mi to farm on the left.

The farm is the first property on the left after the pavement ends.  Signs for Shady Grove are on the barn along the road.  

Peak season for the Dahlias and Hydrangea

A Hat and Sunscreen are suggested. Water and restrooms will be available.

Coordinates:N   36º 24’ 37”  W  81º 39’ 07”  
Site Description:  Shady Grove Farms is a nice mix of open grassy areas, early successional shrubby areas, and young forest.  These habitats support a good variety of higher elevation shrubland species like Golden-winged Warbler, which are easily seen and heard here in May and most of June.  In some years, Brewster’s Warblers hold territories here.  A pair or two of Black-billed Cuckoo are usually present in summer and fall migration (August) as well.  Yellow-breasted Chat and Alder Flycatcher are also present in most years.  Gray Catbird, Field Sparrow, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Indigo Bunting, and Eastern Towhee are all common breeders.  The farm is nestled under the shadow of the Peak, one of the high Amphibolite mountains in northwest North Carolina.  Common Raven nest here and are regularly seen and heard from the Farm, as are resident Broad-winged, Red-tailed, and Cooper’s Hawks.  Migrant songbird numbers can be good in fall and spring as well, especially in the denser, wetter portions of the farm.

Species of Interest:  Black-billed Cuckoo, Common Raven, Alder Flycatcher, Golden-winged Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat, Wild Turkey
The 76 acre farm on the NC Birding Trail, its located on the slopes of 'The Peak', in the Amphibolite Mountains of Ashe County. Open meadows, farm roads, early succession forest, numerous streams & mountain bogs provide excellent habitat many types of birds as well as great long range views.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Native Plants for Native Bees (Pollinators)

The best thing you can do for Bees and pollinators is not use any systemic pesticides or fungicides.

Any item sold to last all season, weed n feed, rose fungicides, any long term protectant is going to effect your bees!!

Don't buy any plants that are raised with them.
 A bit harder because nurseries are rarely organic. 
If it looks perfect it has pesticides on it.
Buy Local. Ask questions.

Native plants should be your first choice to help our native bees. Listed below are some plants that are good sources of nectar or pollen for bees. This list is not exhaustive; there are many other plants good for bees. Individual species have not been included. They do represent plants that will grow in a variety of environments. Call us for individual variety suggestions and availability

Agastache -Anise Hyssop
Black-eyed Susan - Rudbeckia
Clethra- Summer Sweet
Currant - Ribes
Elderberry- Sambucus sp.
Goldenrod- Solidago
Helianthus sp.
Huckleberry- Vaccinium
Hypericum sp.
Joe-pye weed - Eupatorium
Phlox paniculata- garden phlox
Penstemon - Penstemon
Purple coneflower - Echinacea
Rhododendron -Rhododendron
Sage - Salvia
Sedum sp.
Scorpion-weed- Phacelia
Snowberry - Symphoricarpos
Stonecrop - Sedum
Sunflower - Helianthus
Wild buckwheat - Erigonum
Wild-lilac - Ceanothus
Willow- Salix

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fall Peony Planting--Bartzella Itoh Peony and Herbaceous Peonies

Bartzella Itoh Peony

We will have roots for Bartzella @ $38. They will be available early October through the 20th. It is an excellent time to get them established & in the ground for a Spring show. These extra large roots bloom for us the 1st spring, with many more the 2nd season.

 Paeonia 'Bartzella'

Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.
Common Name: Peony-Intersectional

Considered by many to be Roger Anderson’s best Intersectional Peony introduction. We have to agree, this plant gets a gold star in our book!
A mature plant of ‘Bartzella’ is incredibly elegant looking, with flowers neatly spaced on the top and sides of the clump. Established clumps can produce 80 or more flowers apiece! The semi-double to double, pastel yellow flowers have a small rose purple flare in the center and a pronounced sweet fragrance. They measure 6-8 inches across on average.
Healthy green foliage similar to that of a tree peony forms an impressively sturdy clump to 3ft tall and wide. Unlike some garden peonies, the foliage of this plant looks great from spring through fall and is substantial enough to be grown in place of a small shrub in the landscape.
Intersectional peonies are a relatively new class of Paeonia created by crossing herbaceous garden types with woody tree types. They are often called “Itoh Peonies” because the original cross was first made successfully by Japanese nurseryman Mr. Toichi Itoh in 1948. Sadly, he passed away before ever seeing one of his crosses bloom. Since that time, other hybridizers have continued his work including American breeder Roger Anderson.
Intersectional Peonies offer the best qualities of both garden and tree peonies combined including:
  • Very large, tree peony-like flowers in colors not previously seen in herbaceous types
  • Healthy, herbaceous foliage similar to tree peonies but with a robust, bushy habit that does not require staking
  • Strong, herbaceous stems that hold the flowers upright even after a heavy rain; makes a better landscape plant than older herbaceous peonies
  • A longer bloom time due to additional flowers being produced on side shoots
  • Extreme winter hardiness like herbaceous types but with increased vigor
  • Price is $38 each these large unique roots- spring potted price $50
 That is the best time to plant them in the Fall. These large woody tuber should go right into the ground with the buds no more than 2 " deep. Plant in plenty of rich soil and compost.
Itoh Peony Bartzella (Yellow) $38 - potted for spring sales $50
(these non grafted crosses with tree peonies, very impressive)

White Maxima Festiva and 'Coral Charm' Peony roots @$15

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fall 2014 Perennial and Shrub list with prices

FALL 2014- For Cut flowers
All licensed or patented plants include the proper tags

Bare-root and seed:
Alstromeria ‘Laura’ yellow/gold (Sweet Laura) 30” spreading plant will require netting, gal. 
Size BR clump    - please order 5                                                                                                  $5
Giant Solomons Seal - berries (seed) by the 1/2 cup                                                                       $6                        
Dahlia - dug early for this meeting and placed in large pots for transport- not dormant or divided 
              Orange Sherbet - dinner-plate, Midnight Moon' and ‘Glory de Noorwick’ gold decorative, check closer to October for varieties available                                                                   $6            

Phlox ‘David’ white mildew resistant- fist size                                                         $4
Phlox ‘Pink’ late for a phlox - fist size will fill a 1 gallon pot- please order at least 5 $4
Paeonia ‘Bartzella’ (Intersectional) Itoh type peony 36” own root earlier than herbaceous peonies $32 each
Peony Herbaceous 'Coral Charm' (4)                                                   @   $ 11
Peony Maxima Festiva                 (4)                                                   @   $ 10  

Potted Perennials and Shrubs:
Alstroemeria ‘Inca Ice’ pale pink-peach  2qt  pots,                                                  $9
Lilac Redwine, late bloom non-suckering 2gal    (1)                                               $22 S.O.
Hydrangea Pee Gee(1) 2gal, (1) 3gal                                                                     $20
Snowberry -Symphoricarpus alba 2gal. white                                                         $16
Snowberry  Symphoricarpus‘Amethyst’ Proven Winner with tag                             $20
Red Currant 2gal pot $16

Potted Perennials and Shrubs:
Panicum ‘ Heavy Metal’ 1gal, great for fill late summer, easy                                              $7
Agastache ‘ Astello Indigo Hybrid‘  20” tall, hardy to zone 6 blue fragrant blooms, minty    $7
Amsonia tabernamontana =Blue Star spring blooming milkweed 36”  gal pots                     $9
Carolina Allspice medium shrub -long bloom period, 2gal                                              $15
Hydrangea ‘Pink Diamond’ (1) 2gal plant, blooming size                  $15
Malus Crabapple seedlings from a red fruited tree 1gal+ 3 years old     $10
Malus Crabapple seedling from purple fruited tree                                $7
Malus Crabapple seedlings form yellow fruited tree qt size                     $5
Ilex verticillata ‘Berry Nice’ female winterberry holly (2) 2 gal                  $15
Ilex verticillata ‘Jim Dandy’ male for above female 3 yrs old 2 gal             $20
Ilex verticillata ‘Southern Gentlemen’ male 3 yrs old                                 $20
Achillea Terra Cotta, taller and later than others $6
Achillea Sunny Seduction light yellow gal $7
Achillea Strawberry Seduction -red      gal $7
Amsonia Blue Star early blooming milkweed 3’ sky blue flowers gal. $9
Heliopsis ‘Ballerina’ great perennial sunflower gal $7

Potted Perennials and Shrubs:

Clethra ‘Hummingbird’ dwarf shrub, Summer Sweet, fragrant, white, use buds, blooms, pods spreading to 4’ wide 2gal   $20

Clethra ‘Vanilla Spice’ taller more upright with slightly larger bloom, August, shade or p. Shade   $22

Salvia ‘Caradonna’ Best blue salvia for spring cutting $7
Baptisia ‘Carolina Moonlight’ better yellow than Solar Flare, clear yellow, 
small well rooted 2 yr plants gal pots. Full sun. $8
Carolina Jasmine -extra hardy variety 2qt pots         $8
Succulents- see photos below priced $4-7 some hardy some not winter hardy. 'Blue Ice' is Hardy.

Hard Goods for sale:
One small heatmat never used, will hold one 10x20" seed flat, does not require a thermostat   $10
Larger pots: 3 gallon, 2.5 gal. squat - mixed manufactures  .80each or 5/4.00   50+ available
Light weight plastic working gro-light in a stand, holds alittle more than 1 flat. I use the top for seed germination as well. $25 - can send a photo
Collection of tree bands ~50 of various sizes, none extra big. They work for dahlia sprouting too. $28

Any of the above items can be delivered to the  ASCFG Meeting in Wilmington.

We will have a number of dahlias available for shipping March - early April weather permitting
Check our blog this winter for varieties and photos of the Dahlias

Contact to order:
Phone: 828-297-4098

Susan Wright - Shady Grove Gardens & Nursery

blue green in the middle fairly small not hardy $4 pots 2-3"
green hardy usually a bit of red
Blue Ice Hardy large and small available $2-7
small variety always a bit red
Sedum Angelique Hardy groundcover $5-7 pots

For photos  and more:

Thursday, June 12, 2014


We now have several types of Crabapples available.  All are seed grown so they have a bit of variation from tree to tree. Great for Wildlife.

Crabapples provide food for over 25 species of songbirds, including cedar waxwing, woodpeckers, orioles and mockingbirds. They provide cover and nesting sties for others such as robins, blue jays and catbirds. Crabapples, a favorite of deer and foxes, are also consumed by raccoons, bear, opossums and rabbites. The are also the larval host plants for the red spotted purple and striped hairstreak butterflies and an important nectar source for bees early in the season.

Spring flowers with red or yellow fruit in the fall - it's a great small tree for the landscape.